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Did you know Henderson Nevada is a populated city near Henderson, in Nevada? The Clark County Local Museum has exhibits on the area history and features restored vintage houses. Lion Habitat Ranch is a sanctuary for the wealthy. To the east, vast Lake Mead has many marinas and set in a rocky landscape with trails and valleys. Southwest, the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area includes a petroglyph site with over 300 ancient rock art panels.

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Clark County Heating Replacement Near You

If you live in Henderson; No matter what temperature you reside in, you are sure to use your Henderson cooling or heating HVAC unit to heat your home to make it more comfortable for the family. Your homes residential heating unit is part of the HEATING system that either run heated air or cooled down air depending on the temperature that is set. Although the house heater is part of your HVAC unit, it works by itself to heat the house. When the heating unit starts to work less efficiently or stops working altogether, you need to decide whether the HVAC unit can be repaired or replaced. If you are looking into the prime option for your home or business, make sure that you contact one of our expert HVAC technicians to come out to your Henderson Home and look at what the cost of replacement would be.

What Type of Residential or Commercial Heater do You Own?

There are as many as four different types of heaters units can come standard with a business or home, and you should know what you have to purchase a new unit to have it installed.

Henderson Furnaces: Your residential home’s furnace can run on many types of gases or electricity to function. Your Houses furnace will use the existing ductwork and a fan to push the air through the air ducts and into the family rooms. If you live in Henderson, you are most likely going to have a furnace to heat the house. Your furnace works like a forced central air system and will heat the air using coils.

Henderson Heat Pumps: There are two types of Henderson heat pumps one is a common pump that is connected to the outside of your house and will use the ductwork to push around the air… A heat pump does not heat them but uses the electricity of your home to move the warm air and move it around to cooler areas of your Henderson home… This is not the ideal heating system if you live in a climate that has some seriously low frigid temperatures. There is another type that is called a geothermal pump that is installed in the ground and uses the natural heat from the earth.

Henderson Packaged HVAC Units: This AC unit has all the things to cool or heat home and is installed on the outside of the home. This is an extremely common type of heating and air conditioner system that is installed in many Henderson homes that don’t have really low temperatures.

Henderson Boilers: A homes boiler is a boiler system that also is central and will use the pipes of the home to shift the air through the home. The heat will usually come out through floor pipes or radiant heat. Some boilers use heated water or steam to warm the air.

If you are interested in having an expert technician come out and determine what type of Henderson air conditioner heating unit you have and what is best to replace it with giving Desert Valley Heating and Air Conditioning today to make an appointment.

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Henderson Nevada Air Conditioning (HVAC) Replacement

Desert Valley Heating and Air Conditioning is simply the best in the HVAC business in Henderson! Whether you own a property in Real Estate or you’re a local Henderson homeowner or own or manage a business, we’ve got you covered. We are fully licensed and insured to help you get through the extreme temperatures we see every year. It’s a matter of survival rather than a commodity to have an efficiently working air conditioning system. When you depend on such a need, you also require a reliable and trustworthy HVAC specialist.

Clark County Custom Air Conditioner Unit Installations and Replacement Near Henderson

Desert Valley Heating and Air Conditioning have over 20 years of AC and Heating installation experience in Henderson under our belts, along with ongoing electrical training and development. We can HELP you in finding the right Henderson heating and air conditioning replacement to meet your needs best.

Finding a Henderson heater replacement unit can be almost scary. You are trying to understand “going green” and “energy efficiency” terms and finding the right size HVAC unit for your Real Estate Property building in Henderson, Nevada, along with the best quality unit for what is affordable. That’s why you need a trustworthy trades person on your side.

If You Reside in Henderson; After Multiple Heating & A/C Repairs, It May Just Be Time for an Upgrade

At Desert Valley Heating and Air Conditioning located in Henderson NV, we can run an HVAC inspection check and show you on your options. Our HVAC contractors in Henderson have the expertise to know when you are cooling or heating unit is no longer repairable, and when to recommend an HVAC replacement. We want to save you time and money and continue our good name. Our contractors can get you the right system for the right price. And with our heating and cooling Henderson maintenance agreements, you can rest easy in knowing that your system will be properly cared for.

A lot of people want to save time and money and repair the unit when it has fallen short. In a lot of circumstances, this could make the most financial sense. But if your homes air conditioner is outdated and sucks or you have needed many HVAC repairs in a short time; investing in the HVAC repairs of your existing heating system is likely costing you more in the long run in utility and repair costs. If your unit is over ten years old, it may be time for a new system replacement.

Professional Stress-Free Heating & Air Conditioning Installation in Henderson

Call us, the experts, at Desert Valley Heating and Air Conditioning today to better assess your HVAC requirements. Getting your Henderson air conditioning system replaced is often unexpected. It’s annoying and frustrating to shell out money for a brand-new unit. However, it is even more so when you continue to repair a unit that is due for retirement and try to make it continue to function.

We will give you a detailed solution for your units’ woes and get you back on track. Our expert technicians know manufacturer’s installation like the back of their hand, ensuring that everything is properly installed, and your unit and system will be working efficiently for years to come with excellent care and maintenance.


“I have a unique hydronic heating system. Several of the big competitors wouldn’t even work on my system. Several others couldn’t figure out the problem. I was ready to give up. The owner and his partner Randy showed up and fixed the heating issue within an hour. They stayed and made sure the job was done!!!"

Randy M.

Five Star Review

“Randy and his entire team deserve a 10-star rating. Do yourself a favor and stop looking for other HVAC contractors. I hired Desert Valley to diagnose a couple of issues with the furnace and the A/C that were found during a home inspection. Randy and his team evaluated the two issues as part of their overall diagnostic of the HVAC system. I also had Desert Valley perform a couple of preventive maintenance repairs on the HVAC since I was selling the home. Desert Valley completed all the work on the same day at a very fair price. Randy and his entire team are professional, courteous, and detailed. I will recommend DMS to all my family and friends."

James W

Five Star Review

“Fixed issue with the fan running continuously in the air handler."

Tim Christopherson

Five Star Review

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